Physical, Cyber & eHealth Security

The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!

Our Business

Cloud and Network Access Control Solutions

Physical Access to campus, single building, parking lot, entrances,  computer/equipment rooms,  lobbies, offices,  equipment, vaults, escalator/lift and facilities. Dynamic Equipment or Facility Booking Solutions.

eHealth Monitoring and Health Assessment Solutions

Secure eHealth Recodord in Centralized Monitoring & Alert System, Vital Sign Data Capture System, Body Chart Tools System Routine Care Attendance Recording System,  Incident Report System & Risk Management System

AI & Encryption Technologies and Cyber Security

Secure information using AI or classic Encryption in LAN, WAN, signed and encrypted email, secure transactions, Shared working documents, employee handbook, newsletters, Payroll, trade secrets, human resource files.

About MaCaPS

MaCaPS specializes in providing physical security, cyber security, Electronic Health Record security products and design solutions tailored to customer requirements. It takes pride in soup to nuts customer services and impeccably turns around time of matched hardware and software to customer solutions. Its extensive experience in smart card, RFID, Biometrics renders staged solutions to security requirements across various industries, such as security monitoring, health care, and cyber security policy and privacy assessment. 


Highest Commitment to Quality & Innovation!

4 Quality & Innovation Awards:
HKSA Q Mark, ICT Gold Award, Best Lifestyle Award, HK Most Valuable Company Award

Approved system integrator for Interrai, Salto, Octopus and HID


Customer Satisfactory 

With over 20+ years of experience working with leading universities and government departments in Hong Kong, our team can confidently help you achieve your requirements.

Access Control and Booking


AI & Cyber Security


eHealth Monitoring and Assessment


Our Partners



Approved Developer

  • interRAI is a global health care collaborative network of researchers and practitioners in over 35 countries committed to improving care for persons who are disabled or medically complex. Its instruments have been adopted worldwide including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Europe, South Africa and US. We are one of the two approved developers in HK.


Approved Developer

  •  SALTO Systems revolutionized access control with the introduction of Virtual Network SVN data-on-card technology and the advanced battery-operated wireless electronic smart door lock.  SALTO has been synonymous with innovative solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based and mobile applications, that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real-world benefits to virtually any door and building type. 


Approved Supplier & Developer

  • Octopus is the first successful homegrown e-business company in HK takes pride to operate and develop one of the world's leading electronic payment systems We are one of their approved Developer and System Integrator for Access Control and Car Park systems. 




Magnetic Card Protection System

MaCaPS International Limited was founded in 1997 as an Incubated Company of City University of Hong Kong to provide solutions for bank card data from being modified/copied. US Patent No. 5,627,357 /UK Patent No. GB2290897B/ China Patent No. 95108048.2/ South Africa Patent No. 98/1255 on "Magnetic Information Card" were granted in 1997 and 1998.


Smart Card Design Centre

ITF fund of HK$8 Millions was granted to set up Smart Card Design Centre at City University of Hong Kong. Six patent applications submitted and granted in 2005-2013 period on "Compact Crypto-engine" (China Patent No. ZL 02106138.6:2005 & US Patent No. 7,003,109:2006), "Crypto-engine" (US Patent No. 7,634,666:2009 & No 8,458,492:2013)  and "Sequence Generator" ( US Patent No. 7,142,675:2006 & China Patent No. ZL 031 22609.4:2006).


Access Control System Launched & Relocated to Kwun Tong

Smart Card (Mifare) Acess Control System was first launched and sold to key security companies in Hong Kong. Granted the installation and commissioning part of the eChannel project. Relocated from City University Campus to Commercial Building in Kwun Tong. Granted the installation and commissioning part of the eChannel project.


Data Protocol Patent Granted and relocation

US Patent No. 7,293,698, China Patent No. 200510084320.0 and HK Patent No. HK1091619 on “Wiegand Converter and Methods of Generating a Bi-directional Data” were granted in 2007 and 2009. The company has relocated to the current purchased premise. 


ICT Innovation Gold Award and HK Best Valuable Company Award

Develop and launch eHealth security product and receive ICT Gold award and HK Best Valuable Company Award. Octopus has approved MaCaPS Access Control and Car Park Systems.


Interrai Approved SI in Hong Kong

Interrai has approved MaCaPS as its local System Integrator for all products in Hong Kong. 


Salto Approved SI in Hong Kong

Salto has approved MaCaPS as its local System Integrator for all products in Hong Kong and Salto products can seamlessly integrated with existing MaCaPS Access Control System and booking solutions.


CE Approval

Event Server MA1309 and I/O Board MA1802V2 have obtained CE Approval.

Cloud Era

The Belcher's Booking System has successfully turn Public Cloud.
The Education University of Hong Kong Language Centre's Booking System has successfully turn Private Cloud.

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Our Awards

ICT Gold Award

Best Life Style Award

Hong Kong Most Valuable Company

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