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About company


MaCaPS International Limited was founded in 1997 as a CityUE Associated company (a company fully owned by City University of Hong Kong) and it is now an independent operated company from 6 Feb 2015.

MaCaPS is your trusted and reliable partner in RFID/smart card systems, and is comprising of RFID tags/smart cards, RFID/smart card readers, operating systems for RFID systems, application software, security and/or logistic management systems. The products are marketed both as off-shelf products and turn-key solutions.

MaCaPS is committed to provide training for the tertiary institutions students and staff from local and overseas.


We are strong at:


  • Technology - wider range, better security; patent protected, customer/open design


  • Customization – own design and software can be customized for special requirements, simple fast turnkey and seamless solutions


  • Cost Effectiveness – optimal and durable quality design and manufacturing


  • Strong Research foundation – optimal and durable quality design and manufacturing