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Terror Park - Halloween at Ocean Park

The Terror Park was the first Halloween Park housed with the lastest RFID fun fair technology supplied by MaCaPS.

The Terror Park was one of the key attractions of the Halloween Bash. The football field size park was decorated like a demolished school full of "lost spirit". The guest had to place their RFID sensing device at the right spots of the "clown" logo and once activated, it will collect "lost spirit" energy. By accumulating sufficient amount of "lost spirit" energy, the guest will be awarded a "Guardian Angel Certificate". The activation of "clown" logo was the most enjoyable part of the visit and it will trigger the spirits to come from all round directions in an unexpected manner via a computer network to scare the guests. The guests have to work as a team to conquer and to tame the spirits in order to gain the "GA Certificate".

Halloween Bash was introduced each year and is the key event of Ocean Park to attract guests from all ages and all nations. Equipped with innovative and interactive games, it was always the highlight of the year. This year, the attractions included the Zombie Hunt, Terror Park, Burned Alive house and the Haunted Tales of Guangdong.

In Zombie Hunt, guests equiped with infrared laser guns will find themselves battling hard in the underworld while in Terror Park, RFID technology was utilized to allow guests to save lost spirits. In Burned Alive house, guests will undergo a full crematorium experience and in Fang Club, guests have to face a secret maze built in total darkness. Haunted Tales of Guangdong, built upon famous ghost stories from the province, will give a walkthrough in history.

With Ocean Park recorded the highest-ever attendance for October this year, the Chief Executive Tom Mehrmann promised to work hard continously and innovatively to bring happy spooky experiences to guests coming from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. MaCaPS was delighted as part of it.


MaCaPS is happy to share this happy moment with guests. As one of the leading providers of RFID solutions in Hong Kong, we will continue our very best to explode any possible RFID dreams from clients.