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Green Energy Management

MaCaPS's green energy management solution is based on the RS485 or TCPIP linked dimmer control and a dedicated universal timer board to provide an energy saving and low carbon emission platform.

Controlling and electronic dimming the lighting devices is one of the major areas to echo. By replacing the traditional Incandescent Light Bulb to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb; and the Fluorescent Tube to T8/T5 Tube, and even using the Low Power Consumption Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting devices, the Carbon Emission can be reduced significantly as the power consumption in lighting is significantly reduced. With the use of T8/T5 tube and LED dimming devices a further reduction can be achieved by adjusting the brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions.

The Dimming Controller Device provides a control signal to the transformer connecting with a T8/T5 tube or LED device, to control the brightness, i.e. the power consumption. Optical sensor can be added

  • to detect the brightness of the environment ,
  • to adjust the lighting accordingly,
  • to reduce excessive brightness; and even
  • to detect the presence of human being and turn off if no sign of human being around.

The Dimming Controller Device will have a series of modules, namely, One-channel Standalone Module, Scalable Four-channel Remote Control Module, and TCP/IP Module to support remote control through TCP/IP network.

  • 1-Channel Dimming Controller
  • 4-Channel Dimming Controller
  • Universal Timer Board