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eHR Solutions

MaCaPS Residents Clinical Service Monitoring & Quality Control System (e-護存) adopts the latest ICT technology designated for the services monitoring and quality control of healthcare services provider to offer a better quality of care for services user. The system supports the migration of convention paper records to electronic healthcare record system. It streamlines healthcare workflow of Services Provider and personalizes Individual Care Protocol (ICP) for Services Users. By adopting this centralized e-health system, staff workload can be minimized with better accuracy in care plan & services and improvement in cost efficiency. It also introduces visible and traceable measurements of care quality, control and staff compliances in healthcare management.

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Centralized Monitoring & Alert System (CMAS)

This system fully integrated with other eHR systems allows multiple access for centralized reporting and alerting services in real time.

Vital Sign Data Acquisition System (VSDAS)

This system gathers residents' real time vital sign data for monitoring and altering.

Body Chart Tool System (BCTS)

MaCaPS Body Charting Tool System gathers and stores information of body wound assessment, monitoring and treatment.


Attendance Recording System (ARS)


MaCaPS Attendance Recording System records routine Personal Nursing Care Services to ensure procedure compliance.

Incident Reporting System (IRS)

MaCaPS Incident Reporting System records any incident happened in resident care units electronically in an auto-complete form and sends the information to CMAS for process.


Pain & Physiotherapy Management System (PPMS)


MaCaPS Pain & Physiotherapy Management System records pain & physiological conditions, treatment and recovery progress of residents and alters changes in residents’ conditions.


Cognitive Impaired Assessment Management System (CIAMS)


MaCaPS Cognitive Impaired Assessment Management System records residents dementia conditions using multiple tests such as mini–mental state examination (MMSE).


Depression Assessment Management System (DAMS)


MaCaPS Depression Assessment Management System records resident’s depression conditions using multiple screening tools.


Urinary Incontinence & Tract Infection Management System (UITIMS)


MaCaPS Urinary Incontinence & Tract Infection Management System (UITIMS) records resident’s urinary incontinence & tract infection conditions using multiple screening tools & questionnaire.


Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Training Management System (POTTMS)

MaCaPS Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Training Management System (POTTMS) arranges PT training programs and generates timetable for residents electronically.