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Centralized Monitoring & Alert System (CMAS)

This system fully integrated with other eHR systems allows multiple access for centralized reporting and alerting services in real time.


MaCaPS Centralized Monitoring & Alert System links up and receives resident individual care services information from various systems including Vital Sign Data Acquisition System (VSDAS), Attendance Recording System (ARS), Body Charting Tool System (BCTS) and Incident Reporting System (IRS). It will

- provide centralize service reports on daily task list, follow-up/missing task list, nursing operations, overall individual status and other special/customized information,

- support real time alert system and retrieval of residents health conditions,

- permit viewing of residents’ asset list and assisting devices,

- promote multiple access from applications used on spot, nurse stations and management office at the same time,

- allow remote generating of electronic/hardcopy reports.