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Pain & Physiotherapy Management System (PPMS)


MaCaPS Pain & Physiotherapy Management System records pain & physiological conditions, treatment and recovery progress of residents and alters changes in residents’ conditions.



MaCaPS Pain & Physiotherapy Management System will

- use of various Pain Rating scales, balance test & etc.,

- alert for decline of pain / PT or balance level & improve traceability of Pain & PT records,

- detect early changes in residents’ conditions,

- provide corresponding priority treatment & appropriate trainings,

- use RFID for identification and verification,

- provide wireless communication of data to CMAS,

- exact position of pain / physiological conditions on body chart and scaling input

- support multiple assessment tools,

- integrate with existing ICP system to retrieve Diagnosis and Resident Information

- fill form in an Auto-complete format to avoid any missing details,

- enable historical data reviews, search, print and email,

- integrate with CMAS for reporting and real time viewing of PPMS historical information.