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MaCaPS offers world-class certification programs to ensure and validate the technical competencies and expertise needed to install, manage, deploy and support MaCaPS software.


Additional learning resources

The additional resources will help the IT professionals to know more about how MaCaPS systems operate and help to rectify problems found in the systems.

Self-paced courses

IT professionals can learn how MaCaPS systems and softwares operate using our web course materials.


Instructor-led courses

Regular and special arranged courses will be provided for IT professionals or our clients to install, manage, deploy and support MaCaPS software.


Training by Type:

  • Technical training
  • Standard examination

Training by Delivery Method:

  • Classroom
  • Online

Access Control System Fundaments

ACS Fundaments

This workshop (3 hours) will give an intensive training on how MaCaPS network based Access Control System operates.