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Physical Security

Campus, single building, parking lot
Entrances, lobbies, offices, computer rooms, vaults
Buses, planes, trains, ships, subways

Our Features

We provide interface to NFC/Mifare, HID and Octopus readers. Our access control can handle on/off line standard 12,000 or 200,000 users and transactions expandable to 1 Million users and transactions.

Support Classic Mifare, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Plus, Legic Advance and Felica.


Support most HID reader and HID Vertx V100/200/300 and Vertx EVO 1000/2000 controllers.


Support Octopus reader in Access Control and Lift Control systems. 

Additional Features
Support PoE, wide range of biometric devices and dynamic QR Code. 

We support IEEE PoE plus standard and support various biometrics devices including fingerprint finger vein, palm, facial and voice. We also support QR code/dynamic QR code and BLE.

Our Pricing
Access Control Solutions

from $5K

Our ACS is an intelligent distributed system used to provide an integrated real time door access control and monitoring via TCP/IP network. The system composes of intelligent embedded server(s) to provide ON/OFF line operation carter for million of users, which can prevent single point failure. The system also comes with a large selection of reporting formats to enhance administration management.

Booking/Scheduling Solutions


Our booking/scheduling solutions allow bookings online via web and fully integrated access control or window log-on software to provide full control of access of faculties and equipment. A wide range of payment reports with client set charging values and alert features is available for notification and management.

Payment and Metering Solutions


Our point of Sale system provides a full range of payment facilities inside a club-house and metering for power consumption in Washing Machine, Lighting and Air-conditioning using Octopus Card or other mean. It can fully integrated with our ACS or booking system for total management.

Lift Control Solutions

from $10K

Our Lift Control Central Access Control & Monitoring Software is a server side program designed for centrally monitored, controlled and configured of all lift access access via TCP/IP network with additional interfaces to customized alarm systems. 

Cloud Solutions

from $2K

Our cloud solution provides a low setup cost for simple user that requires no server setup at client site and transaction and user data are stored remotely on our cloud. Admin user can access to the information via web or mobile devices

Biometrics/Dynamic QR Code/BLE


Our solution can well integrated with biometrics and BLE devices like finger print, palm , finger vein sensor, facial  and voice sensors. We all developed a dynamic QR code system for real time authentication use.

Dynamic QR Code


Our Products

LCD Reader

LCD key pad reader supporting Mifare Classic/ Desfire/ plus cards.

Rabbit Event Server

Low cost Event Server built using Rabbit Core caters for 12K User & Transaction Log.

RS232/RS485/USB to Wiegand Converter

Provide seamless data conversion from RS232/RS485/USB to Wiegand format or vice versa or bi-directional.

Alarm Monitoring System

Build for the monitoring of alarm event in important area of a facility.  I/O point which compatible with different types
of input devices, e.g., magnetic contact, panic button, push bar, emergency trigger, motion detector, IR sensor, analog/digital sensor devices, and etc. 


High end Event Server built using ST-ARM caters for 200K User & Transaction Log. . It can manage
up to 8 sets of Door Controllers over RS-485 network and able to connect with the system server via TCP/PoE.

TempFace Terminal 

TempFace Terminal is new generation of high-performance biometric access control terminal.  It can seamless integrate with our ACS to provide an effective control of personnel with high temperature to deny access to the premises and to protect others during the COV-19 epidemic.

Booking Solutions

Club House Facility Reservation and Booking System adopts the latest smart card technology to offer a one-stop automatic reservation and booking service. This system can not only allows members to access the real time usage of facilities via online terminal, but also process the facilities booking payment instantly with their smart cards and payment by Octopus.

Our Clients




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